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Jorge Luis Borges. Ensayos. Ed. Daniel Balderston and María Celeste Martín.


This book includes facsimile images of five Borges essays, with an introduction by Daniel Balderston. Each essay is accompanied by a typographical transcription, an introduction and a commentary. Prepared with Mariana Di Ció and María Celeste Martín. 164 pages.

This is the second of three books in a series of facsimiles of Borges manuscripts with transcriptions and commentaries. A book of poems and short prose pieces, Poemas y prosas breves, was published in 2018. Following this book on essays, a book of short stories (Cuentos) will be published in the coming months.

Table of contents:

Introducción, Daniel Balderston    7

1. Viejo hábito argentino / Nuestro pobre individualismo (1946)    19

2. La muralla y los libros (1950)    41

3. Dos fechas / El pudor de la historia (1952)    49

4. La obra de Flaubert (1952)    60

5. Destino escandinavo (1953)    145

Obras citadas    157