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PDF version of Evelyn Fishburn. Hidden Pleasures of Borges's Fiction

Fishburn Hidden Pleasures in Borges's Fiction cover image

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Introduction by Efraín Kristal

Hidden Pleasures in Borges's Allusions

Rumblings from Below: Fictional Footnotes in Borges

Borges and England

Traces of The Thousand and One Nights in Borges

Readings and Rereadings of Night 602

Discovering the Unknown: Re-Discovering the Known in Atlas

"El Aleph": The Repeating Universe

Digging for Hrönir: A Second Reading of "Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius"

"Algebra y Fuego" in the Fiction of Borges

Humor Strategies in Borges's Fiction

Jorge Luis Borges, Postmodernist?

"This Imminence of a Revelation": A Study of Epiphanies in Borges's Fiction

Through a Jewish Lens: "Enriched by Conflict and Complexity

ISBN 978-0-9907292-0-4. 254 pages. Book and cover design by María Celeste Martín.