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Banda Oriental. See Uruguay

Fishburn and Hughes: "The name given to all Spanish possessions east of the River Uruguay. Today it is an old- fashioned name for the Republic of Uruguay. The Banda Oriental was settled by Spanish colonialists in the eighteenth century and was hated by its neighbours on either side. In 1776 it was annexed to the viceroyalty of La Plata and in 1821 to Brazil. Only in 1828, after much fighting, was it declared an independent state. It then acted as a buffer between the two contending nations and maintained the balance of power.

The dominating role of Buenos Aires in the Plate area during the campaigns of Independence was resented in the Banda Oriental. Hence the terms used in Uruguay to describe an inhabitant of Buenos Aires: literate ('highbrow'), cajetilla ('city slicker') and porteƱo ('dude')." (22)