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Abu'l Kasim Mansur, Persian poet, c.935-c.1020, author of the Shahnama or Book of Kings, sometimes Firdausi or Firdousi

Fishburn and Hughes: "The name by which the Persian poet Abul Kasim Mansu is commonly known. Firdusi was the author of the Book of Kings (Shahnamah), the Persian national epic which recounts the history and legends of Persia until the fall of the Sassanid empire. According to tradition, Mahmud of Ghazni, the Sultan to whom the Shahnamah was dedicated, promised to pay Firdusi a piece of gold for every verse. When he sent silver instead, Firdusi was so offended by the deceit that he gave it away to his attendants. The Sultan repented and sent the promised gold pieces, but it was too late: the messenger arrived in time to meet the poet's funeral train." (72)