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Fludd, Robert

Index: La muerte y la brújula, Ficciones, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 500. El milagro secreto, Ficciones, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 509. Animales Esféricos, El libro de los seres imaginarios, OCC,Obras completas en colaboración. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1979. 579.

Robertus de Fluctibus, English mystical philosopher and physician, 1574-1637, here often misspelled Flood

Fishburn and Hughes: "An English physician and mystical philosopher, who combined medicine with faith-healing. As a philosopher Fludd was attracted to Cabbalistic thought and argued for the identity of physical and spiritual truth. His system, which may be termed 'materialist pantheism', held that the universe and all things created proceed from God and return to him. The universe consists of three worlds - the archetypal (God), the macrocosm (the world), and the microcosm (man) - which interrelate and act sympathetically on each other. Fludd was involved with the secret society of the Rosae Crucis (Rosicrucians) and was thought by De Quincey to have been influential in the resurgence of Freemasonry." (73)