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Gog and Magog

Fishburn and Hughes: Various legends in biblical and Muslim apocalyptic literature connect Gog and Magog with two powers under the dominion of Satan (e.g. Revelation 20). CF 238: The incident referred to can be found in the Koran (Sura 18.92-8), where it is related that, when Dhul Qarnain (whom commentators have identified with Alexander the Great) was journeying from the south to the north, he came upon people who asked for his protection, begging him to build them a rampart against Gog and Magog who were ravaging their land. They offered him tribute, which he refused, saying, 'The power which my Lord has given me is better than any tribute.' With their help he built a strong wall to protect them. According to a Syriac legend, Gog and Magog attempt every night to escape from their confinement by digging under the wall, but before morning God repairs the breach. Averroës’ Search