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Iberra, Los

Index: La intrusa. Su destino, COMP,El compadrito. Buenos Aires: Compañía General Fabril, 1968. 65-67. Arrabal, TR2,Textos recobrados 1930-1955. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 2001. 323. Jorge Luis Borges, encrucijada de admiraciones y negaciones, nos habla de su labor futura, TR2,Textos recobrados 1930-1955. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 2001. 370-71.

Fishburn and Hughes: "A family in Lomas de Zamora, whose legend stems from a text of uncertain origin which was sent to Borges and which he published in an anthology El compadrito (1968). The five brothers and two sisters kept an illegal gambling house, where, at election time, locals were persuaded with free wine and empanadas to favour the Conservative Party. There are certain points in common between the story 'The Intruder' and the legend of one of the Iberra brothers, Julio. He was known for his quick draw in gunfights, lived in a primitive hut near Turdera and was often hounded for stealing other men's women. In time all the Iberras were killed in criollo duels. Their type disappeared in about 1936, when local political bosses began to rely more on police protection than on private bullies." (96)