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Pringles, Pascual

Index: El duelo, El informe de Brodie, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 1054. Domingo F. Sarmiento: Recuerdos de provincia,P,Prólogos. Buenos Aires: Torres Agüero, 1975. 131.

Argentine colonel in wars of independence, 1795-1831

Fishburn and Hughes: An Argentine military leader who fought for independence in the army of San Martín, was present at the occupation of Lima and was decorated for bravery at the battle of Ayacucho. In 1827 Pringles fought in the war against the imperial army of Brazil, and later served the Unitarian cause under General Paz, fighting against Facundo Quiroga. On 17 March 1831, at Rio Quinto, Pringles's forces were defeated by Quiroga. Rather than surrender his sword to the enemy he broke it and threw himself into the river. Of the many portraits of Pringles the best known is that by Antonio Contucci (1876), exhibited in his native city of San Luis. The Duel