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Rosae Crucis (Rosa Cruz)

Fishburn and Hughes: A secret society, named after the emblems of the rose and the cross, which were taken to be symbols of Jesus's resurrection and redemption. Its practices were based on ancient occult beliefs. In the seventeenth century two anonymous books in Germany told the story of a fictitious Christian, Rosencrutz, and of the society he founded. Now generally believed to be by Johannes Valentinus Andreä, they aroused the curiosity of many eminent men, such as Spinoza and Descartes, who tried to meet members of the society. In time societies were actually founded and Rosicrucianism spread to London and later to Vienna, Russia and Poland. Its history seems to provide a perfect example of a Tlönian hrön - an idea which, when believed, materialises. Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius