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Ross, Alexander

Index: El inmortal, El Aleph, OC,Obras completas. Buenos Aires: Emecé, 1974. 544.

Scottish divine, one of the chaplains of Charles I , author of Virgilius Evangelizans, 1634

Fishburn and Hughes: A Scottish divine, author of poetical, philosophical and theological works in Latin and English. His most ambitious book, A History of the World, was intended as a continuation of the work begun by Sir Walter Raleigh. In his preface Ross claimed to be more conversant with the dead than with the living, a fact that Borges may well have had in mind when quoting him in the context of 'The Immortal'. Among Ross's Latin books are the eight volumes of Virgilius Evangelizans (1634), which presents the life of Jesus in the words of Virgil. The first five books refer to biblical episodes and their allusion to the figure of Christ. Book 6 describes Christ's birth; book 7 the prophecies of his life and miracles; book 8 to 12 the life, death and resurrection; book 13 his ascension to Heaven and the coming of the Holy Spirit. Each passage is referred to the Aeneid, Eclogues or Georgics by book and line number. Composed of phrases from the writings of another author, Virgilius Evangelizans is an example of a 'patchwork' text alluded to in Nahum Cordovero's Coat of Many Colours. The Inmortal