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Satyricon, Petronius satirical narrative, the adventures of Encolpius and Giton, preserved only in part

Fishburn and Hughes: An allegory in prose and poetry in nine books, the chief work of the fifth-century Carthaginian Martianus Capella, which was influential in the Middle Ages. Its full title (in English) is 'Satyricon, in which two books describe the marriage of Mercury with philology and the rest are each dedicated to one of the seven liberal arts'. The reference is to Jupiter's sphere in which 'the entire world is reflected as in a shining mirror' where one can see all the 'variety of the earth', its cities and its different living species, and all that 'each and all nations are doing'. In the mirror Jupiter marks 'those he wants to raise and those he wants to repress, those to be born and those to die'. The Aleph