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This book includes facsimile images of seven Borges essays, with an introduction by Daniel Balderston. Each essay is accompanied by a typographical transcription, an introduction and a commentary. 164 pages.

This is the second of three books in a series of facsimiles of Borges manuscripts with transcriptions and commentaries. A book of poems and short prose pieces, Poemas y prosas breves, was published in 2018. Following this book on essays, a book of short stories (Cuentos) will be published in the coming months.

Table of contents:

Introducción, Daniel Balderston    7

1. Viejo hábito argentino / Nuestro pobre individualismo (1946)    19

2. La muralla y los libros (1950)    41

3. Dos fechas / El pudor de la historia (1952)    49

4. La obra de Flaubert (1952)    60

5. Destino escandinavo (1953)    145

Obras citadas    157

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